My Opinion on, “Without War There is No Peace”

        Some people believe without war there is no peace. The word war means violent disagreement to me. Disagreement means that two or more groups of people have very strong controversial opinions about a specific subject. Eventually this disagreement leads to a violent fight, introducing war. You can think about the civil war. The South wanted to keep their way of living, this life included owning slaves. The North wanted to end slavery and stay as the Union. This disagreement about slavery led to the Civil War. “Without war there is no peace,” means that without violent disagreement there can be no peacefulness whatsoever on Earth. 

        I believe that this statement is true in a certain way. We cannot have peace without a certain degree of disagreement. Peace is the moment you comprise after disagreeing. For example, if you and a sibling are arguing over what to watch on television, after you both come up with a compromise you will be at peace. If you and your sibling start a war it’s going to take much longer to come to a compromise! In conclusion, war is not mandatory to gain peace, but disagreeing is necessary. 

5 thoughts on “My Opinion on, “Without War There is No Peace”

  1. 27annal says:

    I sort of agree with your post. You can have peace without war, but you are right, peace comes from finished wars and compromises. Your example is nice, but I don’t think that disagreement is nessecary. If you and your siblings wanted to watch the same show, then there would be peace without any disagreement. You did a really good job writing this post!

  2. 27anneh says:

    I love what you wrote! I do agree with you that within this statement “without war there is no peace” some of it is true. Violent disagreement sounds like a great way to talk about war. I do think that disagreement is sort of necessary for peace to exist but are there other ways for peace to exist? Like when you are happy because you just got something there is technically peace between you and the person because you are happy. But was there a disagreement? I can not agree with you fully but I do agree with you in some ways.

  3. 27ameliah says:

    I feel like you described how complicated this statement is really well, especially because people have been really divided on this. Your thoughts are very clearly written, and I would agree with them. Great job!

  4. Liv says:

    I definitely agree with your post. I really like how you said that we need to disagree in order to have peace. That was very insightful and it was a point that I don’t think I would have thought about If I didn’t read you post. You did an amazing job 😊

  5. 27sophiav says:

    I think how you wrote this is very insightful and I agree with you. If there is never conflict then we wouldn’t appreciate peace. However I believe that a massive war is blown out of proportion.

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