Book Review: The Class by Frances O’Roark Dowell

      The Class        The Class, b​y Frances O’Roark Dowell, tells the story of Mrs. Herrera’s class as they start their first year of middle school. Odd things begin to happen in Mrs. Herrera’s room, like the fact that someone has been stealing items off of Mrs. Herrera’s special shelf and that one student, Sam, isn’t really supposed to be a student at all. Ellie, a new sixth grader faces her own obstacles, like making new friends as she tries to find the answers to the questions that are troubling everyone. Will the missing objects be returned to Mrs. Herrera’s shelf? Most mysteriously, what’s up with Sam? Will Ellie be able to find the answers? 

        Although ​The Class ​is written from Ellie’s perspective multiple times you still get to hear from the rest of the students in Mrs. Herrera’s class. This way, you learn about what all of the students are facing and how they feel about the current events. Carson is deemed popular by his classmates but doesn’t understand why; Ariana is struggling to act nice; Becca is trying her hardest to become Mrs. Herrera’s favorite; Petra is sick of being bored by everything she sees. All of these perspectives make the book interesting and help hook you. They make you keep reading until all the questions you’re wondering are answered.

People who enjoy books that are written from multiple characters perspectives will enjoy The Class i​mmensely. So, will readers who enjoyed ​Wonder​. These novels both discuss all of the problems new middle school students face and the part of school that brings classmates together. Lastly, readers who love being hooked to a book and feeling as if they can’t be pulled away will enjoy ​The Class.

10 thoughts on “Book Review: The Class by Frances O’Roark Dowell

  1. 27anneh says:

    I really like how you shared that the book doesn’t really show one persons perspective and it’s not exactly just about one person which makes it seem more interesting. At least to me! I defiantly feel a bit of mystery which makes me want to read it… Nice!

  2. 27annal says:

    I really like books by Frances O’roark dowell, I really like your review, and I think that I’ll really like this book! It’s DEFINITELY going on my books for someday list. Great job!

  3. 27averyh says:

    I really liked how you added different things about the characters, it made me really want to know more about them and if thier viewpoints will change. Another thing is that your post was really well written and had lots of tidbits of information that really hooked me.

  4. 27olympiap says:

    This book review was so captivating! I love how you included the multiple perspectives because I love those kind of books. I will definitely be checking out The Class!!

  5. 27meeram says:

    I really liked how you put in little bits about how each of the characters are struggling, while not saying too much about them.

  6. 27sonalis says:

    I think I would like this book because I have read another book by Frances O’Roark Dowell and I really liked it so I think I will like The Class.

  7. racummings says:

    I think it’s so appropriate that Frances O’Roark Dowell visited us (virtually) and you are reviewing her latest book.

  8. 27millieh says:

    Your review was spectacular! I like how you didn’t give away too much information and you left the person reading the review hanging. I was certainly intrigued by your review! Great job!

  9. 27bush says:

    I think that the way you decided this book is so engaging. Reading this book review actually makes me want to read this book. I think that a lot of book reviews don’t explain that much and make the book sound terrible but not this one. This is now the next book on my reading list!

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